Providing patients the most accurate cannabis information

As more legalization of cannabis usage in the United States grows, it allows researchers and doctors to conduct more studies showcasing the medicinal effects of this amazing plant. There is a large amount of information on cannabis, some of it being accurate whereas majority of the information out there unfortunately is not accurate and does not have supporting facts to the information they are claiming.


There is 100+ cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant each having their own health benefit when introduced to the body. There is still much research needing to be done on each one, however, we have compounded as much accurate information about the largest two, CBD & THC, as well as a few other cannabinoids such as CBN, CBG & Delta-9.

Health Benefits

The health and wellness benefits this amazing plant provides is endless. Aiding with minor health irregularities such as nausea/fatigue, sleep. anxiety, stress and aching muscles but also having positive effects to more serious conditions such as cancer, Alzheimer, ALS, ASD, epilepsy and much more.

We are continuing the education put on our site as the cannabis industry goes and are always happy to review new studies and if they meet our requirements, we’d be happy to publish on our site.